The Sacred Grounds Initiative is a project of  the 501 (c) 3 Unitarian Universalist Church of the Desert in Rancho Mirage, CA.  Motivated by their love of the native desert environment, volunteers came together inspired by the fact that on the campus already in place are the Peace Labyrinth and Peace Pole in the tradition of mindful walking and peace.  Designating the rest of the space as Sacred, they are in process of developing expanded habitats for the lizards and road runners already living there and adding elements to attract and protect other native species.**  They’ve inventoried the endangered species on the property and set up protections to preserve them.  Guided by the UU 7th principle “respect for the interdependent web of all existence” they agree that it is our intention to support what is already there.

An integral part of the Sacred Grounds Initiative is the PEACE LABYRINTH. You are welcome to walk the meandering pathway that leads into the center, then out again with no blocks or false turns (as there are in a maze which is designed to challenge). A walk into the center of the labyrinth can offer healing for your troubled mind, sad heart, restless sleep, even anger. If you choose, you can let the Labyrinth path guide you from rage, helplessness, hopelessness toward possibilities. And, if you pause in the center, you can permit yourself to feel held with your hopes & dreams for the healing of all. There, in the center, you may find peace and acceptance.  Exiting, in the spirit of allowing, being open, you may receive a spurt of focus for how to use your energy going forward. May you feel uplifted by this walk. May healing prevail. May kindness prevail. 

All the products (while supplies last!) created during my career as a writer, teacher, coach and adjunct professor are offered as thank you gifts when you make a donation of $50.00 or more to this initiative.


The Space now includes:

  • peaceful sitting areas for meditation, painting, writing, contemplation
  • 50 ft diameter Peace Labyrinth
  • Concrete Peace Pole

 The envisioning is on-going including:

  • a garden for native pollinators
  • a butterfly and moth garden
  • increased habitat for lizards
  • safe harbor for diminishing bat population

Future concepts under consideration:

  • meandering strolling paths with reflection pauses
  • inspirational quotes and/or art
  • memorial space for acknowledgement of special events and people

Your contribution makes a difference!

Please bring a friend or a family member to the site to enjoy the magic, peace and creative environment.

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