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Audio CD

Forgiveness is important for healing or neutralizing negative feelings caused by consciously or unconsciously holding on to old anger, hurt, and resentment. Making the choice to forgive is a way to leave the past in the past. The CD, Joy as Your Guidance System is designed to eliminate the blockages caused by grudges and past yuck.  This forgiveness system, by Father Gerry O’Rourke introduced during my study at the ICF accredited Academy for Coaching Excellence & offered to our course leader, Maria Nemeth, is a game changer.  When I spoke with Father O’Rourke to ask permission to record his system, “Ah, yes, there can never be too much forgiveness; let’s spread it around.” he replied. You will release old habits of holding a grudge or resentment enabling you to fully experience a Well Lived Life.

Inspiration Cards

Toss ‘em high in the air and let ‘em land!  Or, fan them out and invite selection. Terrific as a conversation starter at a family reunion or an ice breaker when introducing a project, these cards offer inspiration on both sides.  Packaged neatly in a plastic box like a conventional card deck, they offer quotes of wisdom on one side and photographs on the other so the participant can choose which one to speak about when called upon to participate.  It’s fun!  Provokes telling the truth.  Lets you relax…

Yes After Cancer e-Book  

Digestible Dollops for Well-Being after Treatment  

Created as an e-book to keep it simple, this refreshing upper supports you to create your one precious moment at a time reminding you that you are the designer of your life. ‘Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now to create a brand new conclusion!’ You get to choose. The choice is yours to make.

Post Cards or Note Cards

Produced from the pages of Have You Ever Been a Child? is a series of mixed black and white drawings ready to offer a thoughtful reminder.  Package is of one dozen assorted.

Laminated Poster

Created for use in therapists’ offices to help children identify their feelings, this poster is sweet for a child’s closet door….helps on those days when sometimes life feels hard and they need to be reminded that they are lovable and capable.


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