Pain is quite a motivator.  Ahhhhh, the pain.  Yes, we all have it. Being a small child in a family of untreated alcoholism is a scary, unsettling existence. Surviving that made possible this sweet, helping book, Have You Ever Been a Child? Each of us grows and develops using what we’ve got.  My childhood spent in a scary space of shouting and uncertainty taught me how to create helping tools for others. Have You Ever Been a Child? is the starter book in my collection and I know you’ll find it helpful and safe to give to any child or a family or as a hostess gift.​

Have You Ever Been a Child?

A great ice breaker for gaining confidence to voice concerns and communicating your feelings. Originally prepared to assist families living with alcoholism, this book (and the companion journal, PRIVATE Keep Out!) has turned out to be a helper for families of all sizes and descriptions – even for healthy and happy times when you could use a little boost for meaningful family conversations.

The small paperback book, Have You Ever Been A Child? was designed to be easily hidden inside backpack, pocket or under a mattress because those represent safe places to a child in a dysfunctional environment.

Written with the 8 year old in mind, it turns out that it has become a very helpful guide for intergenerational communication. It feels good to be able to talk about hard things with a trusted person & adults like it too.​

Yes After Cancer— eBook

Digestible Dollops for Well-Being after Treatment

Then came the breast cancer diagnosis–it seemed supportive and natural to use my experience to help others by creating a guide for the patient, family & friends through a version of my world of cancer. This commitment resulted in two: eBook, Yes After Cancer, and The Not-so-Scary Breast Cancer Book.​ 

Diagnosis and treatment are not the favorite subjects on any reading list … yet if the time comes, these are user friendly. 

The Not-so-Scary Breast Cancer Book

 Two Sisters’ Guide from Discovery To Recovery

Written with my sister, Carolyn, we wished we’d had this information before surgery, yet are grateful to offer cheer, comfort and a fresh perspective to those on the receiving end of a cancer diagnosis.

The Not-so-Scary Breast Cancer Book provides samples of how to keep moving even when not feeling ready, supports you to define what you love and to connect your thoughts to new action.

Private, Keep Out!

This is the journal you can use to create your new plan for your new normal.  START.  That’s your job; think about what makes you smile and what you need to feel well….do more of that and write about it.

If you feel ‘stuck’ list what you’re grateful for, or one thing you know makes you feel better, brings you joy. Artist, Mary Clark makes it fun and collaborator, psychologist, Carolyn Ingram, supports.


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