Leslie Gebhart

Now that I’ve reached my fourth quarter, I can look back to see that each sad, difficult or tragic challenge resulted in new learning and ultimately my being able to create a product designed to support others to be able to more easily cope. I continue to enjoy using the energies of creativity in support of feeling better, finding joy and giving back.  All the products here are now offered as thank you gifts when you support the Sacred Grounds Initiative.  

Your donation to the 501 (c) 3 UUCOD in support of the Sacred Grounds Initiative BOTH helps volunteers to develop and protect this 2 acre parcel across from the dog park in Rancho Mirage AND ensures that it’ll remain open to all. Giving back contributes to a well lived life.


Choose below how you would like to donate - by mailing a check or with a credit card using our secure system!

If you would like to donate with a CHECK
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Treasurer UUCOD
PO Box 2853
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

If you would like to donate with a CREDIT CARD (minimum $50.00) using our secure electronic payment portal, please click on the button below:

When your contribution is received,
you are entitled to your thank you gift.
Email me with your donation receipt,
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Thank You!