This site exists because I enjoy the collaborative process. Having completed my respite, I have recently un-retired to tap back into the energy of teamwork for a project called the Sacred Grounds Initiative.  Turns out, as with many projects of good will, some fund raising is needed and I said, “Yes.” to that task.  Please look around these pages, select items that feel like a ‘match’ to you or for a loved one,  offer your contribution and consider yourself invited to join the teamwork.

You’ll notice a mix of goodies &, as modeled by public radio & tv, they are offered from the warehouse of nonfiction helping products because they remain relevant, they make a difference and can help heal a heart. It will be my great pleasure to send you the gift of your choice to the address of your choice as an incentive to donate.Together we will find ways to support this lovely project. I trust that you’ll be enriched by your visit & that Mary’s art will provoke a smile!


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