Life Coach for Personal Development

What would you try if you knew you would succeed? Is there something you'd be doing differently or anything you'd like to change? If you answered, YES, then life coaching for personal development would be perfect for you.

What is your purpose?

You are here to be what you want to be and to focus on getting more of what brings you joy. Yes to your energy of creativity and to your ability to cope with whatever life hands you! It can be as easy as saying the ABC's. It's a choice or decision you make and this coach is here to support you making it with ease.

As a life coach for personal development, I support you to say YES to the possibilities...what if you were engaging your creative muscles - coping with challenges using creative, fresh choices (decisions) - what would you be doing differently?

Do you notice:

I use my experience growing up in a family of untreated alcoholism, learning the wisdom of the 12 steps of AA, finding out that I am creative in unorthodox ways and thriving after treatment for breast cancer to offer coping tips to those ready to move out of the old story and on to the next chapter. What would you try if you knew you would succeed? Call this life coach for personal development to see if it is a fit for you. How much fun are you willing to have?

"I am blown away at the level that Leslie Gebhart coaches. I am a relationship expert and a coach myself and I recognize and praise brilliance when I experience it. Never have I FELT so connected with my coach. Grace and ease emanate from her being as she moves you through the dance of life with compassion, support, and experience. Everyone should have this kind of support"

~ Keith Leon ~ President, Successful Communications, Inc.

When will you create an action plan?

Coaching supports you to discover a fresh management style that works; you will be empowered to create a strategy that brings joy to every day! I support you to say YES to the possibilities. What if you were using your creative, fresh choices and coping easily with challenges? That is my vision for the new normal. As a life coach for personal development I support you to look at what's true now, see where change is suggested and move forward with a supportive, compassionate partner. Is now your time? My clients report that they:

What's in it for you, this thing called coaching?

Yes, life can be filled with more joy, a greater sense of contribution and an enriching circle of new friends the moment you decide that's how you want it. Life coaching for personal development with Leslie Gebhart focuses upon envisioning the future you desire, using your energies of creativity, enjoyment, time, money, physical vitality and relationship.

Wow, does that sound so sweet!
You, too, can have it.

That's the essence of my contribution, motivation and inspiration as a life coach for personal development. Join me in the pursuit of connecting your dreams to an action plan.

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